22 January 2009

Spatial Limits vs Temporal Limits

056 Covetousness seeks to overtake or to outrun fortune
Photo by blacque_jacques

Bees sometimes decide to move out and found a new beehive, because the old one is become overcrowded and too big: but when is the right moment to do that? No one knows, insofar; I think they just feel it.

A beehive, by the way, can leave theoretically forever.

So, a beehive has a spatial limit, but not a temporal one. It cannot grow without boundaries, but it can reach eternity.

It is the same for the city? If so, the concept of the “megastructure” (in this link very interestingly "reloaded"), of spatial unlimited expansion just crumbles. It is vital the liminal space between the city and the non-city, whatever it is, and the medieval town model comes therefor strongly to our minds.

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