24 January 2009

Another Middle-Age

Effetti del Buon Governo in città, by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1337–1340, Sala della Pace-Palazzo Pubblico, Siena,

I start to understand what Constant had in mind talking about the Homo Ludens, in a society in which nobody works, since all duties are accomplished by machines: with the present economical crisis we are just rehearsing for the incoming grand premiere.
Suddenly many people is left with nothing to do, no work in their offices, in factories etc. Here one has the opportunity to think, to feel emptiness, free of the horror vacui that permeated our latest capitalistic times, and reflect on the very nature of working, of having time for ones-self, of producing. The point is to get in use again with the many ways in which is possible to use our time, not as workers but as amateurs.
That visionary of Constant predicted, naming his project New Babylon, that globalization would have been a process of differentiation and not of homogenization, like many keep saying.
Let us hope that another Middle-Age is coming: good times these! A world made of cities, no national states; maybe a great period is coming.

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