06 September 2009

53rd Venice Art Biennale, "Making Worlds"

Making Worlds/3
Photo by marcomassarotto

Fare Mondi.
This year the Art Biennale is directed by Daniel Birnbaum, and it's a nice one. Here brief suggestions and hints: projects, artworks, pavilions worth to see.

In the Estonian pavilion Kristina Norman proposes "After-war", a complex project about identity in Tallin, based on the removal of a monumental statue of the "Bronze Soldier", wich represented for the russian minority the victory over Nazism. This led eventually to riots. The artist decided to replace a golden copy of the satue...
In the Italian pavilion the video installation by MASBEDO is just great: two screens that show in slow-motion the story of a woman always about to drown in the sea, and a man trying to get rid of a parachute in the snow...
Teresa Margolles in the Mexican pavilion collects blod of illegal immigrants and drug-traders killed along the Mexico-USA border, in order to use it to "paint", or to "clean" the floor of the pavilion. "What else could we talk about?"
The russian Pavel Pepperstein presents "Victory over the future", a collection of paintings, monuments in Europe till the year 5000. As an example there is the "Monument to the 3000 years of Christianity". Lots of irony and a rap soundtrack.
In Spain there are many works of the great Miquel Barcelò, no needs to say more...

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