23 March 2009

Vers Westhafen

Westhafen's grain store

While rereading in these day Vers Une Architecture finding again this book a fascinating, inconceivable mixture of naiveté and totalitarianism, I could not resist to take some pictures at the grain store which I can see out of my window.

Westhafen (west harbor) is the biggest harbor of Berlin, situated at the connection between the Spree and the Havel: the main plan dates 1923 and the grain stores were designed by german architect Richard Wolffenstein; after WWII activities in Westhafen dropped down, till the almost complete inactivity of todays.

American grain store and elevators, from Le Corbu's Vers Une Architecture

From 1997 the Staatsbibliothek (state library) placed in the main historical building its magazine and newspapers section.

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