08 February 2009

Pig Town or Fear of the Power

Image: by Marco Capitanio


Pig Town is indebted to George Orwell.


Pigs are supposed to be ambitious, greedy, quite intelligent beings in their natural state.

In Pig Town the power is hold only by the category of pigs and pork in general.

Society agreed in giving power to them.


The advantage for pigs is that they fulfill their strongest desire, dealing with power.

The advantage for society is that if one pig does not care about his political duties, society is free to remove this pig-politician from his role and send him to the butcher (a concept similar to our prisons).

Pigs on one hand are granted with political power and all the benefits this condition carries, but on the other, because of the fear of being reduced to sausages they are forced to be good politicians and rulers, as far as they can.


This kind of social system can be very long-lasting and eliminates almost all the basic reasons leading to crisis and class-struggle, but this also determines a static town, in a way radical and conservative at the same time.


When pigs discover masochism, or they get bored of their role they will, just for the pleasure of the danger of meeting the butcher, behave intentionally as bad politicians.
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