07 March 2011

Shape is part of the meaning

BVG. Image by haikus

Every Berliner faces them hundreds of times a day, every day... Signboards are part of a city's identity, and in the most fortunate cases they reach the status of collective monuments, like the blue-white-red underground sign in London. Why is it so easy in Berlin to find your way when you travel with public transport? Who is in charge of designing a sing like this one below to show you the right direction? Well, check it out in the following video, where German typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann, who recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the German Design Council, comments some of his work for BVG (Berlin's public transport company) and Die Bahn.

Metro Potsdamer Platz
Mtro Potsdamer Platz. Image by Antoon's Footbar

02 March 2011

Insulation III

Shrink by Lawrence Malstaff
Shrink by Lawrence Malstaf. Photo by Hanneke Wetzer

Third and last flash-post about insulation: we are at the body-scale. Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf produced in 1996 a performance called "Shrink", in which visitors were given the opportunity of being wrapped in plastic in a vacuum-pack. In a recent interview the artist explained that the a desire of withdrawal from the world was the feeling that inspired this installation. "Exhibited" people float hung-up in the air completely still, apart from breathing thanks to a rigid tube, the only connection with the surrounding environment. Here follows a "making-of" video...

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